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Do you suspect you have a problem? or do you have warning lights illuminated on your dashboard?


Our specialist diagnostics equipment can help us identify and rectify the problem. If diagnosed in time this can prevent any serious damage or safety issues.

Modern vehicles have an array of sensors that monitor most of the vehicle’s operations. If an error is detected by one of these control units, the appropriate error code is logged and often a warning light is displayed.

Not all diagnostic work is done with a computer. You may have a mechanical noise or vibration that needs diagnosing, we also have the knowledge and equipment to find and resolve the problem.

We use the VW AUDI Group Specialist diagnostic equipment and have VW Dealer trained staff to hand to perform vehicle diagnostics. 

This Specialist software can also perform various unit coding tasks and unlock hidden features within your vehicle.

If you are having any issues at all, give us a call.

Basic diagnostic code reading starts from only £20

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No matter how minor or major the fault may be we are always happy to help.
We offer Pre-MOT inspection from only £25 to give you piece of mind.

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